Meet the Owners, Shane & Lisa

Welcome to Scented Sips, a haven for candle enthusiasts and crafters alike! Our passion for creating Scented Sips was fueled by a deep-rooted love for both the art of candle-making and fostering a creative community.

Scented Sips was born out of a burning passion to blend the science and art of candle-making, creating a space where both beginners and seasoned crafters could come together to explore the endless possibilities of scent and design. We wanted to offer a place where people could not only learn the craft but also express their creativity, personalizing candles that reflect their unique style and preferences.

The joy of seeing someone's face light up when they create their first masterpiece or the excitement of discovering new combinations of scents and colors keeps our passion for Scented Sips alive and thriving. Candle-making is an enchanting process that allows us to connect with our senses and embrace the art of mindfulness, a skill so essential in today's fast-paced world.

As our dream took shape, we realized that Scented Sips could be more than just a place for classes. We wanted to be a hub for the community, a gathering spot for friends, families, and colleagues to bond over shared experiences. That's why we decided to open our doors to those who wish to rent our beautiful space for gatherings, parties, and events. Creating unforgettable memories is something we hold dear to our hearts.

Scented Sips is not just a business; it is our lifelong dream turned into reality. We want to kindle the flame of creativity in others and build a supportive community that celebrates individuality and the beauty of handmade creations. Join us on this scented journey, and together, let's light up the world one candle at a time.

We can't wait to meet you!

Shane and Lisa Gordon, Owners
Scented Sips, LLC